Last Thursday, the finalists of our LTE-M Prototyping program presented their solutions at the Summit in Vienna. The event was very much the culmination point of the efforts made by the 18 solution partners and their mentors over the last months. “This is the highlight of our prototyping activities but not the end of the journey. It marks the starting point for commercializing LTE-M”, says Angus Emry, International IoT Manager at Deutsche Telekom.

LTE-M Prototyping Program Summit

Innovative solutions across several industry sectors

The LTE-M Prototyping finalists have developed innovative solutions across several industry sectors, most notably in the areas of smart city, wearables, e-health and smart tracking. Trapview, for example, is an automated pest monitoring system that significantly raises the accuracy of insect monitoring and consequently decreases costs of pest control. Trapview provides an innovative solution for farmers, enabling them to grow healthier and more sustainable food. Decreasing costs is also the focus of Bead from Germany who invented IoT multiple sensor devices and a cloud-based AI platform. The sensors analyze real-time occupancy in commercial and residential buildings to optimize marketing, operations and energy efficiency.

The Polish company Sezo developed a smart helmet device that offers 3D tracking and helps managing safety problems in hazardous work environments. Sezo provides enhanced notification and reaction features and thus establishes new working standards. HiMussels, based in Poland, designed a biological early warning system that detects irregularities in natural environments by using natural organisms. As the name suggests, the system is based on mussels as biosensors. They react extraordinarily sensitive to any changes of water quality by quickly closing their shells. These are only four out of 18 examples that rely on LTE-M as network technology and benefit from advantages like long battery life and lower module costs while providing fast data throughput as well as good indoor coverage.

Not the end of the journey – starting point of commercialization 

The Summit unveiled tangible, market-ready use cases – “You are inventing new business models and we need your expertise for building the products for the next decade”, says Rüdiger Köster, CTO, T-Mobile Austria. “We are at the beginning of the IOT journey, offering a real added value for different environments and use cases. We are proud that Deutsche Telekom can enable such kind of LTE-M solutions”, adds Johannes Kaumanns, VP Business Development, Strategy & Portfolio/Products at Deusche Telekom in his closing speech.

hubraum_LTE-M_Prototyping Summit_Vienna

Rüdiger Köster, CTO T-Mobile Austria, on stage at LTE-M Protyping Summit in Vienna

hubraum LTE-M Prototyping Program team jumps

The team, mentors and partners behind the LTE-M Prototyping Program

The marketplace - an exhibition of successful startup solutions

The marketplace – an exhibition of successful startup solutions

Finalists of the Prototyping Program

Startup finalists and their mentors of the Prototyping Program