The final checkpoint: what happened at The Hague? Which startup will present its prototype at our summit in Vienna on November 22? This was the question which was posed on October 24-25 during our final checkpoint when 19 startups travelled to T-Mobile Netherlands’ headquarters to show the group their latest version of their prototypes.

Who would have believed that LTE-M Prototyping would become such a success when we started the program back in April? After several months of intense discussions, liters of coffee, frustrations and sudden progress, the solution partners presented their work at the final checkpoint.

Sezo at hubraum LTE-M prototyping

Our participants of “Sezo”, exchanging knowledge and working on their long range sensor prototypes.

Technologically ready? – check! 19/19 prototypes, ie. 100 percent (no, you didn’t misread that!) were able to communicate with LTE-M – and only LTE-M provided the expected added value. “LTE-M gives us the extra power to send data from our coffee machines even when they are located deep within buildings”, said Miro Kovac, CEO of Coffee Cloud .

LTE-M showcase? – check! Supported by two T-Gallery consultants, the start-ups were asked to take the perspective of their future customers into account and to clearly define a value proposition for their product. For the summit, expect brilliant proposals and some seriously professional arguments for launching their products perfectly!

Summit qualification? – check! It wasn’t an easy decision to make – our mentors and tech experts were spoiled for choice: the startups boasted the best ratings for achieving technical targets, the highest scores for added value and top grades for LTE-M relevance. But this wasn’t just one or two or three of the start-ups, no! Believe it or not, 18 of 19 startups will actually present their idea on stage in Vienna. What a success!

Two participants in Den hague at LTE-M Prototyping workshop by hubraum

Our participants and experts, working hard on their prototypes and increasing their efforts to prepare their product launches.

This was an eventful and exciting first day! A well-deserved break was guaranteed on the second “knowledge” day, which was composed of workshops and information sessions prepping the startups for the big day in three weeks’ time. One example of what took place on the day was Ronan Lacroix of the T-Systems IoT Division walking the audience through the current status of LTE-M pilot networks in Europe. In addition to the ongoing proof of concept in the Netherlands, Poland and Austria, there will be another two pilot projects in December this year in Germany: at hubraum in Berlin and in Stuttgart. We were also delighted to welcome Martin Vesely, TMCZ who explained about how startups can partner with Deutsche Telekom, and Martin van der Pol, TMNL who introduced the audience to DT-IOT Platforms with a red-hot use case from TWTG.

So there you have it! Peerless technological execution and great ideas. Get set to be wowed by our LTE-M Prototyping solution partners’ business ideas at the summit in Vienna.